Become a HAPPY non-smoker.

The quit smoking programme incorporates the latest quit smoking strategies to help you break the habit for good. This programme helps smokers to break all emotional ties with smoking so that they feel liberated and happy to be a non-smoker for life.

How can hypnotherapy help you?

* Hypnotherapy can remove the desire to smoke, and replace it with feelings of calm, control etc.
* Hypnotherapy breaks both the habit and the psychological dependency of smoking.
* Hypnotherapy can be tailored to the individual, as everyone has their own pattern of smoking, and their own reasons for becoming a non-smoker

Do you know why people fail to stop smoking?

People fail to quit smoking on their own because of a lack of "real change" in the way they "think" about smoking. The smoker believes that he/she needs cigarettes to relax, and concentrate. relieve stress and relieve boredom. Quitting is referred to as "giving up", as though there was a sacrifice involved. You are giving up nothing only the illusion of trying to get back to the emotional state that you enjoyed before you got hooked in the first place.

Nicotine does not keep people smoking. Everybody who smokes has the same physiological reaction to nicotine. If nicotine caused people to continue to smoke, nobody could quit. In fact, it is the way we think deep down about smoking that causes the person to continue with the habit.

You BELIEVE that you need to smoke AT A SUBCONSCIOUS LEVEL. Any activity that creates an altered emotional experience tends to develop a thought structure to drive the urge to repeat the experience. This subconscious thought structure is the real problem of addiction, not the substance itself. Gambling addiction is a good example of this, where no substance at all is consumed.

Do smokers who become free from the habit develop a "MINDSET" that creates freedom? They do, and this programme will create that mindset for you.

Eventually, every smoker stops smoking, either the "smoker" stops smoking or "smoking" stops the smoker smoking - RIP. My goal is to prevent clients from falling into the latter category.

Just because you have failed in previous attempts doesn't mean that you CAN NOT stop. If you have failed to quit in the past, you simply have been using methods that don't work for YOU.


"Hypnosis was the last option for me to give up smoking. I had tried everything and nothing worked, I thought I would not quit. It has been four months and I already have so much more energy and feel healthier. I have been singing your praises to all my friends". John Carey, Galway City.

"After 20 cigarettes a day for 29 years, I thought that I would never quit. I had tried patches, spray, e-cigarettes and cold turkey. After I left the clinic that evening, I never picked up another cigarette. I was truly amazed how my feelings about cigarettes changed instantly. If I can do it anybody can!" Evelyn O' Malley, Castlebar.

"I tried numerous times in the past to quit without success. When I became pregnant I was desperate to quit and didn't know what to do. My friend suggested hypnosis as her neighbour had stopped with hypnosis. I couldn't believe that it actually worked for me. What a relief, I was so scared I would keep smoking during my pregnancy. Thanks for a job well done, Michael". Karina Barrett, Sligo.

Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.