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Hypnotherapy is the FASTEST and EASIEST way to break habits and overcome emotional problems

Your subconscious mind CONTROLS the direction of your life: your feelings and your habits. When you change your subconscious mind, your life becomes transformed. The utilisation of trance is the FASTEST, EASIEST and MOST EFFECTIVE way to create subconscious change. Hypnotherapy is now the first choice therapy for an increasing number of people due to the recommendation of friends, work colleagues, etc.who had successful outcomes with therapy.

Michael McGuinness


Michael has performed over 30,000 inductions and innovated many life-changing subconscious strategies. He is one of Ireland's most experienced and respected hypnotherapists. He has helped thousands of people down the years create a life free from limiting habits and debilitating emotions problems. He also wants to help you change YOUR life.

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