A UNIQUE weight loss METHOD

The TRUTH about weight loss

ABSTAINING unhealthy food while on a "diet" to lose weight and DECIDING to have a healthy relationship with food is the difference between healthy eating and feeling deprived and healthy eating and feeling happy. People who"diet" to lose weight DON'T create the MINDSET of slim, healthy eaters - they are eating well against their will, and this is never going to last. Hence, this is the reason why "dieting" and attendance at traditional slimming programs always fail. My HypnoSlim programme can help you create the MINDSET for success.

The programme COMBINES hypnotherapy with CBT, NLP, and neuroscience to transform ingrained patterns that keep the self-destructive patterns in place that cause compulsive behaviour with food. This makes my HypnoSlim programme very UNIQUE.

This is a two-hour programme over 2 sessions.

The first session is €100 and the follow-up session is €50.

This is your opportunity for such a modest investment to have access to a programme that can be life-changing for you.

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Michael McGuinness
Clinica Hypnotherapist & Weight Loss Coach
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