Mental preparation for exams

Memory has not always to do with one's innate ability. It can be affected by learning anxiety, going back to when a child first enters school. Stress in the family and other personal and social stresses can rise anxiety that impede memory.

It is essential that students master the various factors that impede their success. They must be motivated, focused but relaxed during exams, which can be difficult under the pressure of trying to get good results. Good preparation for exams is as much getting the temperament right as putting in the hours of hard work. So many students don't have proper recall on exams day of what they learned due to anxiety and so many go completely blank. Imagine that, after all their hard work.

Savvy parents recognise the importance of mindset for peak performance and ensure that their youngsters have an edge on the day. While many parents invest money in the provision of grinds for the student, the savvy ones realise that money invested preparing the student mentally is equally important.

You should never under-estimate the importance of mental preparation, it can make the difference between success and failure in securing the points required for chosen third-level courses. Teachers are often surprised how certain students perform much better than expected and out-perform brighter students, the answer lies in being better prepared mentally for the exams.

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