You can’t control the external world but you can control your inner world. What you create on the inside you accomplish on the outside. If you want your life you change, YOU must change. When you change your mindset your response to the external world changes and you get different results. When your thinking changes, your life changes.

People who are positive and happy have certain habits that create their positive mindset. There is nothing unique about happy people, they just follow a certain set of rules. Happiness doesn’t come from a certain set of circumstances, it comes from a certain set of perspectives.

We tend to get hooked on states, a state can become our default state. Depression is a default state as is negativity. If you give a negative person good news, initially they are positive but will soon drift back into negativity. If a positive person hears bad news, initially they are affected by the news but they soon drift back into being positive again.

So, what are the rules you must follow to be a positive person?

Positive self-talk. Your mind doesn’t operate in a vacuum, when you are not engaged in positive you are engaged in negative self- talk that creates a negative emotional state. Depending on what you are thinking about, you will become stressed, anxious, sad, angry etc.

Positive People. You become the average of the five people with whom you spend time. If you are surrounded by negative, unhappy people you will become just like them. Positive people weed out negative people and make friends with those who can inspire them and uplift them. Emotional states are contagious.

Eduction. In addition to surrounding yourself with positive people, the books you read, the videos you watch etc give the positive messages that will subconsciously influence you to be more positive. GIGO (garbage in, garbage out) is a concept common to computer science and mathematics: the quality of output is determined by the quality of the input.

Positive Visualisation. See the outcomes you want though you had them already achieved. What you keep picturing in mind over and over again, your mind creates the ideas, energy, creativity to make that visualisation a reality. You become what you think of the most, that is called the law of attraction. Any improvement that happens in your life begins as a creation in your imagination.

Positive expectations. It is not sufficient to visualise an outcome and have the desire to achieve it, you must have the EXPECTATION that it going to happen. If you really expect that something is going to happen even though you have setbacks along the way, you will take the massive action necessary to fulfil your dream.

Do you struggle to say no to someone, where you say yes without even thinking? Do you feel that you don’t have the courage to say no? Why is it so hard to say no to someone even though you are sacrificing something in the process that really matters to you?

Become a positive person

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