People who are playing the victim in life take no responsibility for their life. Instead of believing that they are the architect of their lives, they believe that external circumstances guide their life. They think like a victim and behave like a victim. Worse still, they don’t realise that they are doing this.

The victim mentality can affect just one aspect of their life or it can affect every aspect of their life, relationships, health and business. They engage in blaming, they can blame their genetics, their background, their family life, the economy, friends and so on – anything can be the cause of their present reality apart from their own mindset.

When someone has a certain belief system this can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. They can find the results in their life to validate their beliefs and if they try to change and fail, the failure validates their belief.

There are different levels at which the person may be functioning when acting like a victim:

At the worst level, this person believes that he/she has absolutely no control, the external reality is responsible for their happiness, their financial situation, their relationships and so on.

One level up is the fighter. This person can be angry, combative or slaving. They believe that they have some control but they have to fight hard against the odds. They worry about the competition, how their luck may run out, they may run of money long-term, they have to accumulate wealth.

The victim doesn’t see that they have a choice in how they react, they are driven by subconscious forces. It is easy to stay the victim as change can be scary. Change can involve a lot of hard work and it can result in dreaded failure.

The victim has certain excuses that show that they are acting the victim: I can’t, it’s impossible, life is unfair, what if I fail, I’ll try, what’s the point – the list goes on. The truth is that life is what you make it.

The limitations to success do not exist the external reality they exist in the person’s mindset. If you want success, change has to happen in your mindset. Your mindset is your GREATEST obstacle in life.

Are you acting the victim?

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