Weight Management Programme

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WHY your weight loss attempts fail.

# Your approach to diet.

You are NOT working in harmony with the nutritional needs of your body. No matter how many calories you consume if you are not meeting all the nutritional needs, your body will create hunger for you to fulfill those needs. 

In many cases where people say that they don't have the "motivation" to refrain from sugary food, it is a physiological problem - they have low blood sugar due to what they have or have not eaten previously during the day.

There is only one "diet" that works to live in a slim body long-term which is "eating WHAT your body NEEDS WHEN it needs it". Period. Numerous diets can help you lose weight in the short-term but they are not sustainable, you will regain the weight again. Also, with fad diets, you are not having balanced nutrition and that is harmful over an extended period.

My approach to nutrition is the one that has served the past generations well, they were slim, healthy and lived long energetic lives. Their focus was on healthy eating. The focus has now shifted to "losing weight" and diets such as Paleo, Atkins, and Keto, etc became popular because they caused weight loss in the short-term. However, this approach is working against the nutritional needs of the body, will cause fat gain and damage to your physical health in the long-run.

The HypnoSlim program will instruct you HOW to solve the issues regarding hunger and the craving for sugary foods.

# Motivation

Fundamentally, the reason why most people continue to be overweight is due to their mindset. Yet, every weight loss program is focused on "their diet" and providing strategies to egg the person on to "stick to their diet". This approach is DOOMED to fail, it is not a question of "if", it is a question of "when". My program addresses the MINDSET that causes the person to keep failing time and time again.

People have beliefs that sabotage their healthy eating journey. Are any of those thoughts familiar? this one time will not matter, now that I broke my daily plan I will keep going, I will start tomorrow, I deserve a treat, I do not smoke or drink, it is my time out, it smells delicious, it helps me when I am bored. Many of your sabotaging beliefs are conscious but many are subconscious, these are the main culprit as they get you acting automatically.

70% of unnecessary eating is emotional eating. Marketing and our present-day culture have conditioned people subconsciously to "escape" from uncomfortable emotions by using food. People are acting compulsively when they experience unpleasant emotions and this can be difficult to overcome. This problem is NOT addressed by conventional weight loss programs, The HypnoSlim program addresses this CRUCIAL aspect of weight management.

The traditional approach to changing your diet DOESN'T work

Dieting and traditional weight loss programmes have a 95% failure rate over time. The reason for this is that the root cause of why the client is overweight is not addressed. Traditional programmes depend on ongoing support for the client and on willpower, and that NEVER lasts. That strategy is superficial and doomed to fail in the long-term. If you continue with the methods you have tried in the past, you will continue to get the results you got in the past. Isn't it time to change?

"Dieting" is dead

People now realise that repeated restrictive "dieting" causes the body to store more fat and leads to a worse weight problem with the passing of time. They have to come to understand that processed!!!  "diet food" is of no help and is just a money-spinner for the companies and programs providing them.

Today, the focus is on becoming " a healthy eater" which models the mindset of the past generations that could manage emotions without reliance on food and nourish their bodies with healthy, non-processed food. When you do this your weight will look after itself.

It is time to change strategy

If you have failed to reach and maintain your healthy weight with variations of the same METHOD in the past, WHY do you continue this strategy? It this approach has not worked in the past, it is very UNLIKELY it is going to work in the future. I have helped people who had spent DECADES going from weight loss program to weight loss program without success. If you continue to do what you have already done, you continue to get the results you have already got. If your life is going to change, YOU must change.

Subconscious change

While you may KNOW what to do regarding your eating plan, your subconscious mind can keep you locked into old habits, it doesn't like change. So, subconscious change is CRUCIAL for success. Without a change in your emotional mind, you are DOOMED to fail. This is the big downfall with weight loss programs, they definitely can help you lose weight in the short term but emotional resistance will force you out of the program or cause you to stop making progress while on the program. HABITS are an ingrained subconscious behaviour, you need to work directly with the subconscious for lasting change.

The pillars of the METHOD

> Learn HOW to work in harmony with the nutritional needs of your body.
>Turn your body into a fat burning machine.
> No more "dieting" that causes your body to store more fat in the long-term.
> Boost your energy level.
> No more sugar cravings.
> Skyrocket your metabolism.
> No gimmicks, bars or pills, just a clean, healthy diet.
> No counting calories, points or weighing food.


Change the way you think about food. Your deepest thoughts drive your feelings which in turn, drive your behaviour. Without a change in your emotional mind, you are DOOMED to fail. This is the big downfall with weight loss programs, they definitely can help you lose weight in the short term but emotional resistance will force you out of the program or cause you to stop making progress while on the program. HABITS are an ingrained subconscious behaviour, you need to work directly with the subconscious for lasting change.
> No sense of deprivation.
> Easily make the right choice.
> Maintain your freedom to choose while choosing wisely.
> Experience negative emotions without reaching for food to escape.
> Think and behave like a slim, healthy eater.

What people say about HypnoSlim

"When I visited you for the Weight Loss I have to say that I was pessimistic. My attitude at the time was why not give it a try, I have tried everything else. The Hypnoslim programme has totally changed the way I think, feel and behave towards food. I have lost what I call that "pull" food used to have. When I feel hungry I eat, healthy food, otherwise I don't even think about food. What a change!". Caroline Kelly, Castlebar.

“I was trying to follow diets that were not natural for me to follow so, naturally they all failed and the weight went back on.  The HypnoSlim programme transformed my thoughts and feelings about food that helped me create new eating habits". Martina O'Shea, Sligo.

"I was addicted to junk food. This has all changed, I have no interest in it anymore, and no craving for it. I would definitely recommend the programme. It has changed my life" Gerry Rodgers, Galway City.

"I used to eat when I was bored, sad, stressed, angry, even when I was happy. Every emotion seemed to trigger a desire to eat. That has all changed thanks to hypnoslim. I have managed to break the link between emotions and food. I am at my target weight for the past 3 years". Nuala Rodgers, Galway City.

Disclaimer: Results can vary from person to person. No individual result should be seen as typical.

 Why the utilisation of trance states is ESSENTIAL

When we learn something that has become automatic, we tend to develop a "closed mind" about the feeling or behaviour, we find it very difficult to "open up to change". The mind tends to protect automatic behaviour and emotions from change This is where hypnosis or trance becomes important. Trance is a state of mind where we become "open to subconscious change". Therapeutic intervention in this state is the fastest and most powerful way possible to create desirable behaviour, and transform limiting emotional responses. Click HERE to discover how the utilisation of hypnosis can influence weight loss success.

Your Investment

This is a two-hour programme over 2 sessions.

The first session is €100 and the follow-up session is €50.

This is your opportunity for such a modest investment to have access to a programme that can be life-changing for you.