The Freedom From Anxiety Programme

A UNIQUE method for fast and permanent change

Is anxiety affecting your quality of life?

Do you suffer from Panic Attacks, General Anxiety Disorder or Social Anxiety? Do you believe that there is no REAL cure? The good news is that you can set yourself free from your anxiety problem with my UNIQUE method. It is TOTALLY different from what you would encounter at conventional therapy, counselling or traditional hypnotherapy when it comes to dealing with anxiety.


Tried other approaches WITHOUT success?

If you continue to do what you have already done, you will get the results that you have already got! Isn't it time for a different approach? Medication and therapy/ counselling just keep the vast majority of anxiety suffers locked into a life-long struggle with the problem. In fact, talk therapy can actually make a person's anxiety worse in many cases. Medication at best just numbs the nervous system so the person can feel better, it doesn't solve what is causing the problem. Medication is recommended for short-term use only, ongoing use can have serious side-effects. Believe it or not, the side-effects listed for some medications for anxiety are panic attacks and depression.


Want a METHOD that actually works?

This approach changes everything about the way the problem is treated

The METHOD of the program is a fast and effective way of overcoming anxiety. I can vouch for this method that I have used for over two decades to help sufferers to make a total recovery. 

The common treatment approaches can keep the person without a SOLUTION. Anxiety is not a mental illness but rather a problem of an over-sensitized nervous system that can be easily corrected with the right approach. The goal of the popular approaches is to help people "cope" with anxiety, it is all about management. However, this leads to a life-long struggle with anxiety

A DUAL conscious and subconscious approach

While your mindful awareness is involved in the transformation of anxiety using this counterintuitive approach, I also engage your subconscious mind where the automatic anxiety responses are located. A powerful combination that gives you the best chance of success.

A life-changing program

This is a how-to-do program to break the cycle of anxiety, You will discover WHY and HOW you have created the problem. You will be given the tools to quickly achieve a sense of control.

This is a REVOLUTIONARY approach that went under the radar with the introduction of medication and the rising popularity of talk therapy. This approach was described by the renowned Dr Victor Frankl as the "only true solution for anxiety" I was able to bring my expertise on the subconscious mind to bear on the method, and in so doing I created a UNIQUE treatment program.

DON'T Despair, YOU can beat anxiety

You may have tried different approaches in the past without success but YOU didn't fail, your METHODS failed. There is nothing so unique about you that you can't succeed to break free from anxiety. EVERYONE who suffers from anxiety or panic attacks can be cured with the approach that works. This METHOD can truly change your life.

Anxiety is CURABLE!

This approach changes everything about the way anxiety is treated

The programme is just two sessions of one-hour duration each. The fee is €100 per session. If you continue to live with anxiety then I would highly recommend the programme to you. Don't ACCEPT things the way they are. Change is EASIER than you think - you don't have to live with anxiety.

This approach changes everything about the way panic attacks and anxiety are treated. The common approach to panic attacks is to help people cope with their panic attacks, it is all about management. Distraction techniques and all the other things you "should do" can make you more fearful of the physical symptoms you experience. Those strategies lead to a life-long struggle with panic attacks and anxiety. The approach of the Fast Anxiety Cure is to provide a SOLUTION, so that you can live the rest of your life anxiety free.

The METHOD of the Fast Anxiety Cure program is the FASTEST, MOST EFFECTIVE and LASTING way of overcoming anxiety and panic attacks. In fact, the great Dr. Victor Frankl said this method is "the only true cure for anxiety." You should not be trying to "cope" with panic attacks but actually become FREE from panic attacks. I can vouch for this method that I have used for over two decades to help anxiety suffers make a total recovery.

This approach lost favour when the pharmaceutical companies took over and claimed that anxiety was a "mental illness" that needed medication "to manage". This strategy keeps sufferers without a cure, which is in interest of those making billions from medication. Talk-therapy became the order of the day back then also, where endless talking about anxiety for months on end was, and still is, in vogue. Endless talking about anxiety can actually make one's anxiety worse. Both those approaches can keep the person without a SOLUTION. The good news is that you don't have a "mental illness", you are not "going crazy" or "losing your mind" and you can be cured.

A life-changing program.

This is a how-to-do program to break the anxiety cycle. You will discover WHY and HOW you have created your anxiety problem. You will be given the tools to quickly achieve a sense of control, so that you are no longer scared of the powerful rush of adrenalin that drives the fight or flight response in your body. You will no longer be afraid of being afraid. 

A whole new life will open up for you where you no longer dread the activities, experiences or places that previously used to frighten you. When you calm down your over-sensitive mind, you can approach life as though you never had an anxiety problem. I have transformed the lives of so may people who suffered from anxiety over two decades with this program in my private practice, I also want to create a life free from anxiety for you with this online version of the program. 


"The anxiety programme has totally changed my life. I suffered from panic attacks for over 10 years. I had tried other therapies, counselling and medication but I was still suffering. I lost out so much on life, I had tried to avoid anywhere there was a gathering of people. My husband had to do the shopping, I missed out on weddings, anything to do with being in a church. Public transport was a no-no. I was a prisoner to my anxiety.

My luck changed one day when a close friend confided in me that Michael changed her life when he cured her anxiety problem. I had no idea until that moment that she ever had an anxiety problem, It goes to show how people hide their problem due to embarrassment, believing people will think that there is something wrong with them to have an anxiety disorder.

I took my friend's advice and made an appointment, this was the start of a new chapter in my life. I had just two sessions with Michael and everything changed, even when I walked out after the first session I knew that my life would never be the same again. Thanks to Michael I have my life back now. I just want to say to you that there is hope and don't suffer for all the years I suffered. Give Michael a call and start your new chapter in life." Sarah, Westport

"Thanks to Michael I'm no longer awakening in the morning with a feeling of dread. For the first time in my life, I'm consistently waking up and actually looking forward to my day. What a fantastic gift you've given me. I'm experiencing so much more happiness and joy. I'm so grateful that our paths crossed". Sheila, Claremorris

"If only I had discovered the programme sooner I wouldn't have lived with anxiety all those years. I recommend the programme to anyone who is trying to find a solution to their anxiety problem". Joan, Claremorris.

The programme. Usually, 2 sessions, each session is €100.

Disclaimer:  Outcomes can vary, success is not guaranteed for every client.

Michael McGuinness

Michael is a clinical hypnotherapist and personal development coach with almost 30 years of experience. He is a specialist in weight management and anxiety. He is one of the most sought after anxiety coaches in the country due to his high success rate. People travel to his clinic from the four corners of the country on the recommendation of those whose lives he transformed. His success is due to a unique, unconventional approach to the treatment of anxiety.

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