Hypnotherapy CAN Change Your Life

Change your MINDSET and shed the FAT that doesn't belong to you. Beat the mental conditioning that has got you locked into a destructive relationship with food. Become a healthy eater and enjoy the benefits of EATING well, FEELING well and LOOKING well. Learn More

Don't allow the habit of smoking crush YOU or the lives of those you love. Smoking doesn't just affect you, the lives of EVERYONE you love and depend on you become shattered were you to die because of smoking. Learn More

Break FREE from emotional suffering. The circumstances of life don't create suffering, your PERCEPTIONS create the suffering. Overcome anxiety, depression, fears/phobias and numerous debilitating emotional problems. Set yourself FREE to enjoy life to the fullest. Learn More


Hypnotherapy can assist any mind-related problem, whether it is an emotional limitation, a particular habit or some dysfunction. It is the fastest, most effective and lasting solution to any problem that is rooted in the mind. Your particular problem could respond well to Hypnotherapy, so please free to contact me to discuss your problem. Private and confidential.



"I tried numerous times in the past to quit smoking without success. When I became pregnant I was desperate to quit and didn't know what to do. My friend suggested hypnosis as her neighbour had stopped with hypnosis. I couldn't believe that it actually worked for me. What a relief, I was so scared I would keep smoking during my pregnancy. Thanks for a job well done, Michael". Karina, Sligo.

"I used to eat when I was bored, sad, stressed, angry, even when I was happy. Every emotion seemed to trigger a desire to eat. That has all changed thanks to hypnosis. I have managed to break the link between emotions and food. I am at my target weight for the past 3 years". Nuala, Castlebar.

"I used to be so paranoid about people judging me negatively. I thought I in some way inferior to others, this really held me back. Now I no longer give others the power over how I feel. They can like me, love me or hate me, it doesn't matter anymore as long as I am happy with who I am. I just want to be myself. The confidence programme has boosted my confidence and help me look at myself in a new and better way. Thanks for the difference you have made in my life" Ann, Ballinasloe.

Disclaimer. Results can vary from client to client.


Michael McGuinness


I have performed over 25,000 inductions and innovated many life-changing subconscious strategies. I am a graduate of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, I was a member of the first group of graduates from that college in 1995. Subsequently, I set up a private practice in Maynooth. I returned to my native Mayo in 2007 and founded the Mayo Hypnosis Clinic, Castlebar.

I have helped thousands of people down the years create a life free from limiting habits and debilitating emotions problems. I also want to help you change YOUR life.

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