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What clients say .......

"For years I kept enrolling in the same weight loss programme, believing that this time it would work, I was just fooling myself. I then tried the  HypnoSlim Programme and it worked for me. I would definitely recommend it."

Sarah Maloney, Castlebar

"I had considered hypnotherapy for a long time to quit smoking but I was too scared. My fears came from TV shows, I thought I was controlled and it all looked very weird. One day I plucked up the courage to give it a try. All my misconceptions were blown out of the water. Michael explained hypnosis to me and I realised that it was a very natural state that we all experience as we fall asleep. He put my mind totally at ease and looked forward to lying on the couch and experiencing hypnotic trance. And what a really relaxing and enjoyable experience it was. The experience is worth having even if there is nothing you want to change in your life. The good news is that I also stopped smoking."

Marie Casey, Ballina.

"Hypnotherapy is a powerfut therapy, you need to experience it to realise this. The speed at which the mind can change is incredible. I spend years attending different therapies trying to get relief from crippling anxiety with very little improvement. Hypnotherapy succeeded in doing in a short number of sessions what other theries failed to do over the years."

David O'Malley, Sligo

MINDSET Transformation For Life-changing Results

Quit smoking for GOOD

Achieve your target weight

Overcome Anxiety

Improve your confidence

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

Scientific research has proven that hypnotherapy is the MOST EFFECTIVE treatment for bad eating habits, smoking cessation and for many emotional and behavioural problems. It has been life-changing for so many people who had been unsuccessful with other methods.

Hypnotherapy empowers you. It involves techniques and processes that transform your subconscious mind so that you overcome the blocks, manifest the desired behaviours, and reach the goals to which you aspire. As a result, you are no longer the victim of negative unconscious programming, Hypnotherapy is a relatively brief, interactive, results-oriented therapy in a confidential environment.

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Unfortunately, many people LOSE OUT on a therapy that can be life-changing. So many clients whose lives have been transformed by consulting me, spent years trying conventional therapies without success before they decided to visit my clinic. Most  had become desponent, believing that they could not be helped. Those clients were fortunate to finally have seen the potential of hypnotherapy and decided to make the initial important call to the clinic.

Hypnotherapy is commonly associated with weight management and smoking cessation but is can help numerous other mind-related problems. CLICK HERE



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