Hypnotherapy - the FASTEST and EASIEST way to change

The reason you haven't succeeded to change yet is not because you cannot change - it is due to the fact that you have not yet used strategies that work for YOU. Many people keep repeatedly using strategies that worked for other people in the belief that they will also work for them, this is not the way things work. For some people change can happen quite easily and any method can work for them, for others change is more difficult and they need a strategy that works directly with the subconscious mind. When therapy is performed in trance, change can happen faster, easier and more profoundly.

Quit Smoking

* Hypnotherapy can remove the desire to smoke, and replace it with feelings of calm, control etc.
* Hypnotherapy breaks both the habit and the psychological dependency of smoking.
* Hypnotherapy can be tailored to the individual. Learn more.


Want to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF? There is an EASY way.
Conventional programmes can help people achieve short-term results BUT 95% of those who lose weight regain the weight again - there is a BETTER way, give yourself the BEST chance of success.
You have been missing out on a method which is PROVEN by research to be the MOST EFFECTIVE way to achieve long-term weight loss success. Learn more.

Emotional Freedom

The experiences of life can challenge us and cause us to develop limiting emotional states. Many people stay stuck in anxiety, depression, etc as they don't know how to free themselves from their problems. They may have tried traditional methods without success and have now reached the conclusion that there is no hope for them. Learn more.


"When I met Michael I was a mess. My anger got so out of control that I was experiencing anxiety attacks. After my first session, I noticed a major shift. I was no longer having blowouts, I felt more relaxed, much calmer, and found myself not shouting at my kids. It was amazing! I am now sleeping so much better. That first night was the best nights sleep I have had in years". Bridie, Westport

"Thanks to Michael I'm no longer awakening in the morning with a feeling of dread. For the first time in my life, I'm consistently waking up and actually looking forward to my day. What a fantastic gift you've given me. I'm experiencing so much more happiness and joy. I'm so grateful that our paths crossed". Sheila, Claremorris

"Hypnotherapy was the last option for me in my struggle with crippling panic attacks. If only I had realised how effective hypnotherapy really is sooner, I would not have gone through ten years of suffering. Do not what I did, making it my last option - make it your first option instead". Nora, Ballina.

Disclaimer. Results can vary from client to client, a successful outcomes cannot be guaranteed for every client.


Michael McGuinness DHP B.Ed MNCH MCHPA MICHP

I have performed over 25,000 inductions and innovated many life-changing subconscious strategies. I am a graduate of the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, I was a member of the first group of graduates from that college in 1995. Subsequently, I set up a private practice in Maynooth. I returned to my native Mayo in 2007 and founded the Mayo Hypnosis Clinic, Castlebar.

I have helped thousands of people down the years create a life free from limiting habits and debilitating emotions problems. I also want to help you change YOUR life.

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